About Me

Planning a wedding can go in so many different directions. You can be relaxed about it, giving yourself lots of time to plan and organize and make sure that your ideas are solid and exactly what you envisioned. Or, you can go the more chaotic route, giving yourself less than six months to plan and organize your wedding – either way, it is going to be the most exciting and stressful time of your life.

My name is Dria, and if you are stressing about planning your big day, I understand. So am I! When I got engaged, my fiancé and I didn’t set a date right away. It wasn’t until six months after his proposal that we actually set a date – a year away. That meant that I had just over a year to plan my dream wedding, an event that took up much more time than I thought. Venues, caterers, bakers, florists, dress stores, tux rentals, bridesmaids, groomsmen, décor, guests and favours… the list goes on. I had no idea of where to start or how to schedule my time, and every magazine and website has a different idea of what has to get done first. It took me a month before I even found a twelve month schedule that fit with the type of wedding I wanted, and even then I had to craft it out of three different magazine “twelve month countdowns”.

One thing that I wished I could have had while starting to plan my special day was one resource that had everything in it. One resource that had information on caterers, and venues and the different styles that you can do at weddings and links to cool décor ideas. I currently have over twenty different magazines, and have subscriptions to five different weddings, as well as multiple boards on Pinterest. I was, all over the place.

I started this blog as a way for me to organize my thoughts and ideas into one space that has everything I could ever need in it. I am not a professional wedding planner, but I am a normal girl who has spent a year planning her dream wedding – and discovering all the different bumps on the road ahead.  My wedding is now six months away and there is still tons of work left to do, and a lot of big decisions to make.